You have the access

  That time in class when your senses switch off and the next thing you hear is an electric bell sounding, you dash out get into dormitory/cubical (in Mwiri we called them bombaz)¬†and you realize, you actually have lost misplaced your keys. I know we have all been there some day, all through the whole... Continue Reading →


Expectation over experience

"Don't limit you expectation to your experience" a phrase used quite often by Angella during Fragrance 2017.  Many times we are asked or find ourselves in situations where we are to make decisions. Sometimes the decisions made affect us individually but alot of times they affect everything around us. While in Nairobi Antony G. mentioned... Continue Reading →

Sleep in the storm

Pompi (Zambian musician) says "they think am crazy cause I smile at the window, when the storm is out side" sounds familiar? Well today in service I switched off abit and reflected on a subject that was pretty unrelated to the sermon. So there is much to learn from Luke 8:22-25. Most commonly preached is Jesus... Continue Reading →

Comfort in my skin

I am a passionate photographer who has been in the field for quite some while. I first held a camera in 2000 at the age of 7. I was showed what to press and what to expect (as a result i don't appear in many of the pictures then). Later in life I found myself... Continue Reading →

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